Episode 28: After the Flood

2021 was a year of very ominous weather reports. There were unprecedented heat emergencies, wildfires, and Biblical floods. Meanwhile COVID-19, income inequality, and the overdose crisis continued to become more and more grim. 

What would it feel like to endure all of this as a young person? What would it be like to try to build a life through the chaos? 

To find out, we asked Rainbow, a young woman in her 20s, to record big and small moments from her life for 40 days. 

This is Rainbow’s story. 


Learning Outcomes

Crackdown episodes are frequently used as educational tools by teachers and community organizers. Please let us know if your class or group listens to our work! 

Episode 28 is especially useful for exploring the following themes: 

  • Navigating systems of care as a young person in Canada. 
  • Supportive housing. 
  • Romantic relationships and structural vulnerability. 
  • Stimulant use and productivity. 
  • Safe supply prescribing. 


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Suggested Additional Readings

For more discussion theorizing about romantic relationships and drug use, see: 



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This episode was conceptualized, written, and produced by Rainbow, Sam Fenn, Alexander Kim, Alex De Boer, Danya Fast, Ryan McNeil, Lisa Hale and Garth Mullins. 

Sound design by Alexander Kim. 

Original score was written and performed by James Ash, Sam Fenn, and Garth Mullins. 

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