Editorial Statement on the Criticism of Suboxone

To our listeners, Crackdown’s recent episode (#27), titled “Cop Baked In”, was critical of the medication Suboxone (sublingual buprenorphine/naloxone) for its design, which (as a partial agonist) blocks feelings of euphoria from other opioids, and questioned the highly hyped rollout of new Suboxone prescribing guidelines in BC around 2016, when the province’s “overdose crisis” was declared a … Continue reading Editorial Statement on the Criticism of Suboxone

Yard Tales Swap

This month we’re bringing you an episode of the podcast Yard Tales, where Garth was recently a guest. Crackdown’s musical wizard James Ash is also featured on this one. Yard Tales is a show about forbidden spaces hosted by Luz Fleming. Some stories feature border crossings, life altering events, the need to express one’s self … Continue reading Yard Tales Swap